Pay-as-You-Go Workers’ Comp.

Use Your Payroll Provider Or Ours.

Deliver the mandatory Workers’ comp insurance your clients need using the payroll provider they choose. (Or you can use our payroll service.) Our technology bridge allows the most flexibility found in the industry.

Any employer you work with needs Workers’ comp. Give them a reason to choose your WC product by using Syndicated Insurance Resources to:

  • Use the payroll provider of their choice
  • Pay based on real-time payroll, not projected annual payroll
  • Eliminate big down payments
  • Maintain positive cash flow by paying for WC only when needed
  • Bundle WC premium with payroll and pay a single bill (optional)

Syndicated Insurance Resources has a more holistic, hands-on approach. They always know the best vendor for the need and have very creative solutions for those difficult to place risks. Using their tools and resources shaves time off, which allows me to be more productive and successful.

Mark McGhee

Momentum Capital Holdings, LLC

Offer Affordable Options.

Customize to Meet Your Client’s Needs.

Improve your client’s flexibility by easily quoting Workers’ Comp options with A-rated options and immediate proof of insurance. Our data analytics quoting technology creates solutions for any need or risk.

Access Multi-State WC Solutions.

Increase Commissions. Retain More Clients.

Set yourself apart from competitors by offering WC solutions that serve every company size from new business ventures to hard-to-play risks. With flexible payment options, you can access our hundreds of insurance markets and programs.

Help your employer clients get a hand on Workers’ comp using our guaranteed cost solutions.