Does it cost a broker to use Syndicated Insurance Resources?


No, registration is free. Sign up for free here.

Can I get a quick quote without signing up?

Yes, get your quick quote here. We do encourage you to sign up later so you can earn commissions and take advantage of everything you can offer your clients.

When I register for Syndicated Insurance Resources, do I automatically get access to Appulate?

We are working on a back-end integration to make one single registration possible. Right now, you have to register for both our Broker Portal and Appulate.

How much commission do I get paid?

Our commissions tend to be higher than most. Multiple variables determine what you are paid. You can actually adjust your commission by increasing your bill rate.

How do I get paid?

After registering on our Broker Portal, you are paid within 30 days of collections.

How do I get credit for my clients?

During the client registration process, the client enters your agency name and email.

Do my clients have to come in to register?

No. They can register from anywhere with Internet access.

Can I do the registration for my client?

No. The online registration page acts as their contract, which they must personally sign. 

What if my client doesn’t have a computer?

They can use a mobile device, your office computer, or you can print the user agreement for them to sign and upload during registration. They must have a working email to qualify.

Can my client register now and pay later?

Yes, but we will not activate their subscription or send a Certificate of Insurance until a payment is made. 

What prevents a client from hiring uninsured labor and not reporting payroll?

We trust people when they sign our contracts saying that they won’t hire uninsured labor. It is important that clients understand that unlike a traditional policy, no coverage is extended to uninsured subcontractors.  If a worker is not participating in the contract-staffing program, there is no coverage. Clients are liable if an incident occurs.

During registration, how do you know that it is the client that signed?


We capture the exact IP address and date of where and when they signed. It is important that your client personally signs the online registration page.

Can a client cancel easily?

Yes. Your client can cancel at any time without a cancellation fee. To re-activate their subscription, your client will need to provide a $250 down payment.

What if the client doesn’t have a bank account?

They must have a bank account and a working email address to qualify for this program.

As the broker, can I use my PayPal and have my client pay me?

No. Your client must be billed directly from us. You may help your client set up his or her own PayPal account.



How do I request a certificate/certificate holder to be named?

In the Broker Portal, you can request a certificate under the “Tools and Resources” tab.

How fast are certificates issued?

Allow for a full business day or 24 hours for certificates to be issued. Typically, they are issued on the same day they are requested.

How can I report a claim?

This is done in the Broker Portal. You must report all claims under the “report a loss” tab.

What markets do you represent?

Through our partnership with Appulate, we represent more than 150 carriers. You gain access to more than 40 difference combinations of these carriers and service platforms by using Syndicated Insurance Resources. You can view the logos of our most frequently used carriers in the middle of our Market Access page.

What if you already represent a carrier that Syndicated Insurance Resources offers?

You may already represent some of the same carriers that we do business with, and that is not a problem. You may use the Appulate dashboard to submit directly to your carriers. It won’t impact your commission or production.



Some of our product offerings are bundled and require risk management, human resources, payroll, etc. In most cases, you can pick from a menu and use our programs to help you win other lines of business.

Many of our programs can only be accessed through Syndicated Services and our alliance will give you an advantage.

Why did you partner with Appulate?



We partnered with Appulate to provide brokers who work with us ProducerConnect. This  “best of breed” bridging technology allows you to send ACORD, supplemental, loss and other data to carriers, wholesale brokerages, MGA and TPA receivers.

Using the ACORD XML standards, Appulate offers an unprecedented level of connectivity to streamline business processes.

How does signing up for your Broker Portal increase my speed to market and responsiveness?

Our program gives you access to a portal that automates the process for you. With the click of a button, you can access hundreds of carriers and product offerings to determine the best options for your clients. This saves your time and money by allowing you to provide competitive quotes very quickly to many clients. 

How does your Staffing Program work?

Our program allows brokers to set up a staffing program for their clients. In doing so, the company owners receive a certificate of insurance.

No coverage is provided without participation in the payroll platform.  Brokers can subscribe clients for a minimum fee and receive the WC Certificate of Insurance.

The staffing program allows a broker’s clients to bid on jobs and report payroll when needed. This is designed to be competitively priced and work similar to a Ghost Policy.  Unlike a “Ghost Policy,” the named insured is the staffing company. The important thing to remember is that no coverage is extended unless your clients are actively processing their employee payroll through our staffing company.

When we sign up a client for the staffing program, are they buying a policy?

No. They are subscribing to a staffing service and coverage is extended through the staffing company’s policy.