Today’s digital landscape makes it harder for your insurance services to stand out.

The success of your business depends on the way you promote yourself to potential customers.

Since your expertise is about insurance, how can you market your business to find the right clients you can help?

You’ve probably discovered that you can’t count on the “spray and pray” method to produce quality results.

Effective marketing is strategic and well planned.

You can always hire someone to help with marketing.

But what if you’re not ready to make that investment?

Marketing Tips You Can Do

Here are some quick tips you can do immediately.

Online Tips

Create a Professional Website. Today’s online world makes a website essential. It is your online storefront and calling card that allows prospects to check you out. Even if your site is only one page, you need something online to showcase how you can help clients solve their need for insurance. A well-done website gives your business credibility while increasing brand recognition and building trust.

Write an Informative Email Signature. Adding an automated email signature allows prospects and customers to have your contact information. At a minimum, you want to include your name, website, phone, and email. You can use your auto signature to share links to your latest blog post (if you have one), a product offering you’re showcasing, and/or your social media accounts.

In-Person Tips

Volunteer Your Time. While time is money, one of the best ways to grow your business is by volunteering at local community events. When the events are covered in the local news – you can easily find your company listed as one of the volunteers. Volunteering also allows you to connect with community leaders and business owners who are ultimately potential customers.

Attend Networking Events. Just like volunteering, getting out into the community to make connections can go a long way. Attend local events held by your Chamber of Commerce and other professional organizations like Rotary. This is not a one and done approach. You do need to consistently invest your time and show up to be seen, noticed, and trusted.

Reciprocity Tips

Create a Branded Emergency Card. Business cards are inexpensive to create these days. Turn a business card into a wallet card that lists out key numbers to call in case of emergency. Make sure your agency name and number is in the list, along with the police, fire department, and animal hospital. Give these out to clients and prospects. Find local businesses that allow you to place a small stack of these cards out for their customers to take. Take this a step further by turning it into a refrigerator magnet you can give to every customer.

Set Up a Referral Program. Use an email marketing system to send out regular emails to your customers reminding them that you reward referrals. You can use the free version of MailChimp to do this quickly. Offer a $25 or $50 gift card for every referral that becomes your customer. Each email you send can promote your agency and reminding them you are there to help. Thank them for their business. Email your customers at least one time per month or more to provide useful tips, remind them about your referral program, and keep your willingness to help top-of-mind.

Form Helpful Partnerships. Strategically build partnerships with local organizations to bring your agency name top of mind. Consider connecting with any community entity that you can help, e.g., banks, churches, hospitals, realtors, fire, and police. Create a special offer or discount for each group’s staff or clients. Offer them free tips about how to avoid accidents (or any topic you can think of that is helpful. Let them post your info on their office bulletin board, company website, or in their email newsletter. Position your business as the agency that people are drawn to for helpful insurance insights.

While these seven marketing ideas are something you can quickly take action on, know that they are only the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of things you can do to market your agency.

Stay tuned when we share more marketing tips in future posts.