While the pandemic has made the world feel and look different, every business is facing the same choice: Shift or Dissolve.

This struggle has been happening in various ways for decades.

When technology crept into the insurance industry years ago, many brokerages faced a similar choice. Those who changed how they delivered products and services flourished—while those who did not found generating attractive returns challenging.

COVID-19 has created another ‘shift or dissolve’ hurdle. Instead of looking at “new normal” challenges as a catastrophe, why not look for the possibilities in the hardships? With a few simple changes, you will find ways to exceed your expectations.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Out of adversity comes opportunity.”

Easy “New Normal” Shifts To Make

Consider shifting the way your insurance agency conducts business and supports customers. Here are some easy options you will want to implement if you haven’t already.

Deliver Consistent Customer Service. When your livelihood surrounds managing risks, putting customers first is what you do. But a global crisis makes doing so more challenging. Find ways to practice compassion and flexibility in today’s chaotic environment.

Seek to Understand & Help. Changing financial circumstances may find some of your clients contemplating canceling insurance policies. Listening will help you display compassion and learn useful information. Don’t wait for clients to call you. Reach out to them first. Proactively help your clients assess their risks and optimize their choices.

Seek Feedback from Customers. Phone calls and online surveys with incentives will help you validate what you think your customer is experiencing. Use real-time feedback to verify problems caused by the pandemic and uncover topics customers would like education on. Survey prospects and customers to learn their needs and what is keeping them up at night.

Change Processes & Smooth Rough Spots. Building strong relationships with customers includes making changes to meet them where they are – especially during challenging times like these. Uncover toe-stubbing procedures and tweak them, so it is easier for your customers to do business with you.

Remove Barriers & Obstacles. Navigating multiple platforms and trying to reach carriers by phone is frustrating. Many brokers share frustration finding quotes in a timely fashion. Logging in and out of various systems is labor intensive. Make changes that help you customers get what they need easily.

At Syndicated, we responded to this need by adding an online form with 12 questions. This simple change helps brokers—like you—get solutions quickly without logging in. Would you like to get workers’ comp options without a hassle? Click here now.

Selling insurance in the “new normal” requires shifting for survival. If you make subtle changes to meet your customers’ needs, you’ll do more than survive—you’ll thrive.

Want to discuss other ways to find options for the hard-to-place? One of our relationship managers are happy to help you get what you need.

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