Are you effectively growing your insurance book of business or do you feel like you’re living in an episode of “Lost in Space?

No matter which version you’ve seen—the 1960s classic, the reruns, or the recent Netflix remake—you are probably familiar with the storyline.

The sci-fi episodes find John Robinson and his family braving the unknown cosmos and strange planets after Dr. Zachary Smith, a wonky spy, throws their ship off course.

It is no surprise that the cheesy adventures of “Space Family Robinson” have many subliminal parallels to real life. In fact, many insurance agents and brokers encounter similar experiences that the Robinson’s did in their businesses today.

Lost in Space Lessons

See if you can relate:

“Danger, Will Robinson!” While Dr. Smith’s behavior thickens the Lost in Space plots, his character hides behind a mask of lies and manipulation.

In today’s world of fake news and fake gurus, you have to stay alert while working hard to nurture relationships to earn the trust of prospective clients.

Creating a Colony. The series finds the Jupiter 2 (The Robinson’s ship) on a continual quest to establish a colony on a new planet, but a crash of the mothership derails the game plan.

Like the quest to create a colony, you may find yourself constantly seeking new customers and prospects, too.

A Sabotaged Mission. In the show, Dr. Smith is well-known for sabotaging the mission and getting trapped on board during take-off.

Do you sometimes feel like technology has sabotaged your ability to grow your business like you used to do?

Let’s face it, instant access to online quotes makes closing insurance sales that much harder for you.

“Does Not Compute.” The Robot’s famous line is easy to apply to the insurance broker and agent world, especially when you have to juggle so many different tools to search for quotes.

Every carrier system seems to work differently, which creates frustration while wasting your time.

All is Not Lost.

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